The Original Maximum Ride Memories
Join Maximum Ride and Co. on the (sometimes literal) ups and downs of life. Sickness, health, and love. Its all been recorded in these little snapshots of what its like to fly with the Flock.

"Ella you suck at volleyball."
“Sorry I’m not super human Max.”
“Can I switch teams?”

Max isn’t good with having a losing team. Taken by Nudge.

"You hang up…no you! I’m not going to hang up…no you hang up! Iggy, hang up…"

“Shush Max, it’s sweet!”

Sure, she misses Fang, but when she calls him they’re not pathetic. Taken by Max and Nudge.

"Give me one reason not to kill you."
“Fine! Uncle! Uncle!”

She’s merciless like her father, and has the set determination her mother possesses. She’s a force to be reckoned with that sometimes Max and Fang are a little afraid. Taken by Max.

"I’ll give you ten bucks if she doesn’t hit him in 30 seconds."

"You don’t have any money."

"Fine. You give me ten bucks if she does hit him in 30 seconds.”

I don’t have any money.”

"Fine, geez - Oh! Ouch, that must of hurt."

"Does it still count if its in less than 30 seconds?"

Angel and Ella betting on Max’s patience. Generally, the one with the shortest time span wins. Taken by Ella.

"Oh. That guy that hit on you at the clinic?"

"No. Some dude delivering butt-thermometers. I’m not sure whether its a good or bad thing that I hit more creepers these days than I do people trying to kill me."

Max thinks she’s growing as a person, she really does. Taken by Max.

"Ohmygod ohmygod Gazzy do that again. Wait! Wait let me take a picture this time holy shit this is hilarious!

Iggy never really seems to get that blindness and photography don’t go all that well together. Taken by Iggy.

"What is it with people and thinking they can make out all over the place these days?"


Iggy’s legs are too hairy to get the widespread cooing induced by when Max and Fang to the same thing. Taken by an unamused Gazzy.

"Holy cow, are you reading that willingly?”

"Go screw yourself, Mr Darcy, I can be eloquent when I want to be."

Fang maintains that she only knew who Mr Darcy was from that movie on daytime. Taken by Fang.

"I don’t even know what I’m doing."
“Yes! That is perfect! You’re an animal. You’re fierce. Roar.”
“I am NOT roaring.”

Max was doing some modelling since she’s a famous superhuman spokesperson. You could say she was a bit awkward. Taken by some famous fashion photographer.

"Max, when are you going to brush your hair?”

"When I’m not on the run and interact with normal people."


"Probably not."

Really, it’s just getting ridiculous. Taken by an appalled Angel.

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