The Original Maximum Ride Memories
Join Maximum Ride and Co. on the (sometimes literal) ups and downs of life. Sickness, health, and love. Its all been recorded in these little snapshots of what its like to fly with the Flock.

"Iggy, this is why we don’t punch people!"
“Ella, you have to punch people when they are some freaky wolf-man combination and they are trying to kill you.”
“…but you got hurt!”
“It’s either hurt, or dead. I chose hurt.”
Ha! Ella’s gonna freak when she finds out this is our “normal day at the office” (and if you ask me his hands look awesome!). Taken by Max.

"Well, that didn’t go as planned."
“They’ll get sick of Angel in a day or two. Don’t worry about it.”
“But what if they don’t?”
“They will. You’re Maximum Ride, that’s a leaders name. Angel is a scary name. There’s a difference.”
I don’t think my “comforting” words worked. Taken by Fang.

"I really wish this glass wasn’t here."
“Do you know how many people you would give heart attacks to?”
“That’s the point.”
Early morning thoughts. Taken by Max.

For all who don’t know…

"Max! I’m so proud that you are wearing jewelry! Rings for that matter! This is a step in the right direction! Now we just need to work on the hair. The hair definitely needs a lot of work."
“I’m wearing rings to help me kick bad guy ass.”
Nudge proceed to rant about the size and color of the rings even after Max walked away. Can you say “annoying”? Taken by Gazzy.

"You have to promise me you will never get shot again."
“That’s almost like promising to never kiss you again.”
“That would be super disappointing.”
“Well then it’s good we aren’t promising anything.”
Fang and Max had a “solo” mission that ended up not going to so hot. Taken by Ella.

"Man I need a haircut."
“No, your hair is…”
“My hair is what?”

Fang wanted to say he liked it that way, but Max makes it hard to compliment her. Taken by Fang.

"Ella you suck at volleyball."
“Sorry I’m not super human Max.”
“Can I switch teams?”

Max isn’t good with having a losing team. Taken by Nudge.

"You hang up…no you! I’m not going to hang up…no you hang up! Iggy, hang up…"

“Shush Max, it’s sweet!”

Sure, she misses Fang, but when she calls him they’re not pathetic. Taken by Max and Nudge.

"Give me one reason not to kill you."
“Fine! Uncle! Uncle!”

She’s merciless like her father, and has the set determination her mother possesses. She’s a force to be reckoned with that sometimes Max and Fang are a little afraid. Taken by Max.

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